Time to Chill in the Flatlands

Car: Farrah
Hit the road: 7:10am EST Departing from Thunder Bay, ON
Arrived: 9:40pm CST Saskatoon, SK
Starting Odometer Reading: 57,265km
Arrival Odometer Reading: 58,689km
Total Driving Distance: 1,424km
Observed Mileage: Approximately 6.4L/100km

The second half of this “Part One” drive was long. I’m happy to be taking a little time off from driving. Farrah needs an oil change. We put on a total of 2,837km in two days, and it had been approximately 4,000km since her last lube, oil & filter change. This time, I’ll be giving her some nice synthetic.

I’ve been doing a little reading on synthetic versus conventional oils, and racking my brain for the various knowledge I have stowed away from high school auto class. Anyway, what I’ve determined is that synthetic oils tend to have a longer life expectancy, which means more driving between oil changes. Plus, synthetics tend to be better at keeping moisture out of the engine block. As the colder weather sets in, that is something I’m starting to think about.

Last note about the car: I’ll be getting some winter tires. Colder weather is going to be changing the driving conditions.

Now for my introspection.

I was driving (obviously) through west Manitoba, after passing through Winnipeg and Minnedosa, I was approaching the boarder of Saskatchewan and the sun was hanging low. The expansive fields, nearly empty roads, it was beautiful. The sun was casting this, not quite ruby red, more of a dusty rose colour all over the golden fields.

The journey had me cross two time zones. So while the driving time may, at first, appear to be 13 hours, it is actually 15 hours. Upwards of three hours were spent driving in the dark. That may not sound like much, but keep in mind these two-lane highways do not have street lights. There are no urban centres to light the way; relying on my headlights entirely. Which is intimidating, knowing that there are large wildlife including deer and moose. Trust me, you do not want to hit a moose while driving at highway speeds.

I didn’t start thinking about why I was driving until I had passed through Winnipeg. Because it’s crazy, really. It’s a lot of driving, and it’s not really a set-in-stone plan. I guess I was feeling the itch for adventure, and it wasn’t until mid-way through day two where I started to second-guess myself.

What I do know is that, going forward, I’m going to take more time getting to where I’m going. 15 hour driving days is just not a sustainable way to travel.


I Found Wawa Geese

Car: Farrah
Hit the road: 5am departing from Oakville, ON
Arrived: 8:10pm Thunder Bay, ON
Starting Odometer reading: 55,840km
Arrival Odometer Reading: 57,253km
Total driving distance: 1,413km
Observed Mileage: approximately 6.5l/100km

I did end up finding the Wawa Goose – but it looks more like there are giant geese adorning much of that small community. I noted at least four over-sized geese.

Driving is a very introspective experience for me. I was trying to film some time-lapse footage for a brief travel video (or videos) that I plan on putting together. But there are some moments that I missed, and I’m almost kind of glad I did. I can keep those moments for myself. They are mine.

I had some thoughts while driving that probably would have been great for this blog.

But I forgot them.

Road Trip: Part 1

Car: 2013 Hyundai Elantra 6-speed manual (Henceforth referred to as “Farrah”)
Pre-Departure Odometer Reading: 55,840km (34,697mi)
Departure City: Oakville, ON
Destination City: Thunder Bay, ON
Approximate Driving Distance: 1,402km (871mi)
Departure City Forecast: Mainly sunny, high of 11℃, low of 6℃
Destination City Forecast: Mainly sunny, high of 12℃, low of 7℃

It’s now the afternoon before I undertake part one of this road trip. The car is nearly packed, with the exception of my clothes, however it seems that nearly all of my worldly possessions will be able to fit.

Farrah has an estimated combined fuel economy of approximately 6.5L/100km (36mpg). However, she will be weighed down with a fair amount of stuff – clothes, cosplays, my other worldly possessions – not to mention the fact that the landscape north of Sudbury, ON is notoriously full of hills. It is more likely I will have an observed fuel economy between 7.5-8L/100km (29-31mpg).

I have one planned stop to see the Wawa Goose, which is in a town called Wawa, ON (surprise), approximately an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

It’s a giant goose, so I might slip on a cosplay for a selfie with the goose.

Packing Must-Haves: Cosplays

It’s almost embarrassing how important is has become to me to ensure that I have all of my cosplays and cosplay accessories in my car while I embark on this endeavour.

But let’s unpack that for a moment: it’s a rather large part of who I am, and they are representative of the tools I use to learn more about myself. Sure, it’s some manner of escapism, and could also be akin to a child’s attachment to a blanket or special stuffed toy. Nonetheless, it’s connected to me on a visceral level.

I write this from my work computer, at a job I’m not sure I’ll be returning to, having only begun thinking about packing.

The Roads Ahead

Priderman takes to the roads!

Beginning on Monday 16 October, I will be hopping in my car and driving west from Toronto. The planned route has overnight stops in Thunder Bay, ON and Saskatoon, SK. A planned day-stop in Winnipeg, MB is also on the itinerary.

Weather depending, I may continue westward, hitting up Edmonton and Calgary, AB on the way to the far west coast for Vancouver and Victoria, BC.

Updates will the hitting this blog, and I’ll be posting periodic video updates on YouTube. Embedded links will be included. Be sure to hit the Subscribe button so you never miss a beat on this Great Canadian Priderman Adventure.