I Found Wawa Geese

Car: Farrah
Hit the road: 5am departing from Oakville, ON
Arrived: 8:10pm Thunder Bay, ON
Starting Odometer reading: 55,840km
Arrival Odometer Reading: 57,253km
Total driving distance: 1,413km
Observed Mileage: approximately 6.5l/100km

I did end up finding the Wawa Goose – but it looks more like there are giant geese adorning much of that small community. I noted at least four over-sized geese.

Driving is a very introspective experience for me. I was trying to film some time-lapse footage for a brief travel video (or videos) that I plan on putting together. But there are some moments that I missed, and I’m almost kind of glad I did. I can keep those moments for myself. They are mine.

I had some thoughts while driving that probably would have been great for this blog.

But I forgot them.


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