Priderman is a cosplay entertainer with a focus on LGBTQ+ community outreach. There is also the Priderman Cosplay Community; based on Instagram, focused on featuring gender-nonconforming, and LGBTQ+ identified cosplayers from around the world.

Priderman is representing a team of cosplayers in the 2017 Pride & Remembrance Run. This year, the Pride & Remembrance Run has selected the following charitable organizations as beneficiaries:

If you would like to support Team Priderman, along with the awesome Pride Run beneficiaries, click here.

But like – parties?

Yes, of course!
Are you looking to spice up your next event? Surprise a loved one with their favourite Spider-related-character? Have a special request? Cool event need some entertainment? Superhero burlesque?

I’m pretty much full-service geekery entertainment.

At this point, you might be asking yourself “well how much do you charge and what makes you so great?”
Great question! Generally speaking, for private events – expect to be spending roughly $100 for a one-hour entertainment at a private event within the city of Toronto. That said, I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I do have a personal mandate to provide as much community support and outreach as I can (as an individual contributor) – Priderman (and any Spider-related-character) is available for charitable events as well.

Birthday Parties (Private events)

Superhero-themed birthday parties are great for children of all ages! (Yes, even if you’re celebrating your freedom-55). I provide two basic party packages, that are easily customizable:

60-minute party includes superhero-themed fun and games, plenty of photo ops, a special gift for the birthday child, as well as optional presentation of birthday cake (cake not included) – starting at $100 for city of Toronto

30-mintue party is more like a meet-and-greet; perfect for lots of superhero photos, but still includes special gift for the birthday child and the optional birthday cake presentation – starting at $60 for city of Toronto